Welcome and Hello

Welcome to Grace Lives Here. A place where I write about my life and all it’s ups and downs, twists and turns, and everything in between. A place where I am authentically me. Who me is, well I’m still discovering that person, but I’m betting she is going to be awesome. If you love Jesus, if you love family and friends well this might be the place for you. If you have a medically fragile child well this might be the place for you. It gets real and it gets ugly sometimes. But here is where I share my journey of finding myself, and who God created me to be, while balancing being a wife and a mom to not one but THREE little girls. To make things a little more spicy my oldest is medically fragile (also read medically complex) and that in itself has taught me more about life, love, God, and faith than I ever thought possible. Every day I am reminded that grace is a much needed aspect of everyday life, so here is where I’m learning to give and live with grace in the everyday. So if any of that sounds like fun. Well stick around there, and look around, there is plenty more.