Quick Update

Well, the last few weeks around here have been crazy!! I started my last semester of school, Olivia has been sick (this is a whole new blog post).  I also have several blog post ideas running around in my head. Maybe this week I can make them all appear online. 😉  Future Blog Post Topics: […]

Charts, Stickers & Growing Up

Olivia is turning two in exactly one month. So what does that mean? For starters it means a lot and I mean crazy flood your house amount of tears. My baby girl is no longer a baby. Just this morning she was standing on her stool in the bathroom brushing her teeth like a big […]

New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year, new start, new me. At least that is my motto for 2014. This year is going to be about discovering me, who I am, who I wanna be and who God wants me to be. That’s why I’m creating this blog to journal it all. 2014 Resolutions: Be Happy: What that […]