Charts, Stickers & Growing Up

Olivia is turning two in exactly one month. So what does that mean? For starters it means a lot and I mean crazy flood your house amount of tears. My baby girl is no longer a baby. Just this morning she was standing on her stool in the bathroom brushing her teeth like a big girl. Yes, I may have teared up just a little. 

In honor of Olivia becoming a big girl. She received her first sticker charts. They included her bedtime routine, helping chart, and her I slept in my big girl bed chart. She doesn’t really sleep in her room, so if she can do it for one month she will get a reward. 

I was a little worried she wouldn’t understand the concept of the sticker charts. Boy, was I wrong. She loved them!! 



Wondering whats in the charts? Olivia’s bedtime routine consist of the following: pick up toys, bath time, get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair, story time and prayer time. Her helping chart consist of picking up toys, feeding the kitty, making her bed and doing her bedtime routine. This big girl bed chart is just a log of four consecutive weeks that she sleeps all night in her bed even if it means that I have to keep taking her back in there. The point is she stays. For each thing she completes she gets to put a sticker on the chart. Incase, the stickers weren’t incentive enough for every two helping charts (they are done weekly) Olivia will receive a reward; every three bedtime charts a reward and for one big girl chart she gets a reward. 

Rewards? Some people may not think she should receive rewards for doing things that she should be doing. This are not just toys. These rewards include: date night with mommy or daddy, extra T.V. time, ice cream trip…and so on. I am still brainstorming on these. 

My baby girl is growing up whether I like it or not. It is my job, along with my husband to ensure that she grows up to be a person that loves people unconditionally, lives with grace, loves God, and loves his people. That she grows up to contribute to society. These are my hopes for her. I can’t control what she will or will not do. I can only do my best as her mom to show her God’s love. To show her God’s love is the best I can do and to train her up. 

People may say it is crazy that I have all these charts after all she only two. Well, it may be crazy but in my heart of hearts I know this is right for my child. I am not taking away her childhood, I am simply allowing her a glimpse into the adult world while still being able to be a child.


  1. love your approach , you are an awesome mom who is willing to invest time in her child. and that is all one can do as a mother give our children the tools they need in life so they can make positive choices. its then their choice as adults.keep up the good work. very, very proud of you and Matt. lyl Nanna

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