That is what it is all about

Bedtime. It can be a stressful time in our house. At 2 years old we are still just trying to get in a rhythm that works with Olivia and our chaotic lives. We try. We do our best to keep it the same: cleanup, bath time, brush hair/teeth, pjs, story, prayers, sleep. Sometimes we skip everything and go straight to sleep just to get her in bed on time. Tonight, however was different. There was the general everyday chaos. But amidst it all Olivia taught me something beautiful. We did clean up and the whole routine minus story time. I was content with just getting her asleep so I could continue my spring cleaning. She sat in bed folded her little 2 year old hands and said “mamen” which translates to amen. She wanted to say her bedtime prayers, while I was content to skip them. I stopped. We prayed. She bowed her little head, closed her eyes, folded her hands and smiled as we talked to Jesus. That is what it is all about. As I sit beside her while she drifts to sleep occasionally lifting her head to say mommy and give me a kiss I am thankful. Thankful for God’s grace. Thankful for these teaching moments where God reminds me to stop and remember him, remember that I still need him. Matt and I may have instilled the folding hands and bowing our heads while we talk to Jesus in Olivia. ONLY the absolute grace of God could have told her little 2 year old heart that we needed to pray. That makes all the hard work, sleepless nights, endless worries, countless tears all worth it. To see the hand of God working in my toddler that’s enough to make me be still. I am thankful for these moments. After all this is what it’s about.

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