I am here to stay


So excuse the nappy hair from the picture above. Pretty sure I only had about 3 hours of sleep and was on my way to an eight hour clinical! Life of a student momma. 

If you follow me already you know that I really want to be a SAHM, and blogging is one way I hope to achieve that dream along with some work at home plans these are yet to be discovered.  So to help launch my blogging I am taking a blogging challenge. Which you can check out here. So today, I am reintroducing myself, and my blog. Please bear with me through this process. 

I am a momma to a beautiful feisty 2 year old girl. See post below. She is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot imagine life without her. I also have a wonderful husband who is also a student, so life gets a little crazy around here at times. He works hard to provide for our family, I am so thankful for that. I am also first and foremost a daughter of the king. God comes first in my life. I try to do everything for him and for his glory. It’s hard and sometimes I fail but that’s okay. He still loves me. 

So as stated above I really want to a SAHM (stay at home mom). Right now that is just not a possibility, my husband is going to school full-time starting in just a few weeks, he will quit his job and I will become the primary breadwinner for our family for the next year or so! Big Changes. I am still striving for that goal though. This blog is here for several reasons. To hopefully one day help generate income for our family, to document our life. Some days I may post about new things I am trying, new directions our lives are taking, funny stories about our family. Other days the post may be more specific to couponing (if I can ever figure it out), living with grace, parenting, my personal transition to a healthier me. 

So stick around I can guarantee that it won’t get boring around here, and please bear with me as I take on all these changes. I can promise some funny stories along the way.


  1. Couponing – while it’s probably not the same up here in Canada, definitely something I should pay more attention to. Every penny counts, right?

    I wish you luck on the #zerotohero journey! I’m participating myself in the hope that I can just find the means to consistently blog about everything and anything.

  2. I feel like I should do this challenge since I haven’t blogged since….um…Christmas!

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