Graduation and Growing up

Graduation. It has come and gone. I still don’t know what I am doing. Imagine that. I am taking it day by day. Just trying to get ready for whatever season of life is next. The one we are in now is still and quiet. I like it. We are being able to enjoy being […]

A late Mother’s Day

To my momma. You are my best friend. My confident. You tell me like it is, and aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings. Thanks. You let me make my own mistakes. Thanks. You have been there for me for 21 years. Thanks. You have given me every opportunity to grow. Thanks. You kept me when life said it would be hard. Thanks. […]

One down one to go…

Just one more test and my days as a student are over. OVER. It still doesn’t seem real that I am going to graduate college in a week! What will I do. I will be able to have a life. No more staying up till 2 am studying. Now I can stay up because my […]

Look Out!

  So incase you are new or haven’t noticed all the changes going on. This blog is currently under construction! Instead of temporarily shutting down access to the site, I am keeping it up. So keep coming back to see all the changes and of course check out my stories.  If you are a regular […]