One down one to go…

Just one more test and my days as a student are over. OVER. It still doesn’t seem real that I am going to graduate college in a week! What will I do. I will be able to have a life. No more staying up till 2 am studying. Now I can stay up because my 2 year old really hates sleep. seriously, she hates it. I can enjoy my role as a mother and wife. Not that I don’t enjoy my family. But I can enjoy doing what I love such as being housekeeper, cook, 2 am cuddle buddy. Things that while I was in school just seemed to get in the way of studying. I missed out on enjoying those precious moments. Yes, I will go to work but when I get home I can be present, I won’t have to go lock myself in a room to study. I will be able to see sunshine! You laugh but I’m serious. The past week we have had beautiful weather. The kind where you just wanna pack a picnic and stay outside forever. I was in a office so full of school crap that I couldn’t even get to the window to open it. It was a dark and scary place. Yes, it was very depressing. Stupid finals. But one more final and I am done. :). I think I may throw a party.

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