So many things are going through my head that I literally have no clue where to begin. So here is a highlight of the past month with more detailed blogs to follow up with. (One day I will have time to sit down and actually schedule my blogs). But for now blogging while I watch Olivia give her dolls a bath will suffice.

2. I have state boards coming up. scary stuff
3. Matt quit his job. *this was before I got a job*
4. Olivia is no longer in daycare
5. I wanna write a book. -I think I would be good at it? Plus I have a lot to say.
6. Oh and I finally got my house unpacked. shhh don’t tell anyone we moved in 4 years ago!

Okay so those are the recaps and highlights of the past month. I will be catching up this weekend. So please expect a ton of new blogs to come out in the next few days.

Thanks to those few faithful followers who still like to read my post despite my lack of consistency lately. I will get better.

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