Matt quit..God’s grace.

Matt quit his job. After lots of prayer and worries. Matt quit. No big deal right? Wrong. His last day of work was literally two weeks after my graduation. Sooo.. I had no job. We lost our income, our insurance and our safety net. We had enough in savings to last us through the summer. This decision was all made on the hopes that I would soon be receiving a job offer. A few weeks later, nothing. I still didn’t have a job, still didn’t have my ATT (authorization to test). This crucial email is vital for me to take my state boards which is vital for me to pass in order to have a job. Finally I had some interviews. I made it to the second round of interviews for the job I really wanted, but was not picked.

However, God works in mysterious ways. During this time I had also interviewed for another position at another hospital. Me and Matt had talked and prayed and it was decided that I would turn down this job to wait to hear back on the other one. God is a funny funny God. The day after I was told I did not get the position I wanted, the job I would have turned down for that position called me and offered me a job there. Needless, to say I took it. I think it will end up being the better position. Funny how stuff like that turns out. 

This has been a very trying time for our family. Without insurance we had to cancel several appointments for our daughter. These were needed, and have now been placed on the back burner until her temporary insurance is approved.  But like I said we were going into the next two months with no income at all. How in the world were we going to make it? I’ll tell you how. GOD’S GRACE.

Backstory: we had enough in savings to pay for Matt’s school (the reason he quit his job), and live on a tight budget. 

So we paid for Matt’s school, and went about our daily lives living as frugally as we could. When guess what. Matt got an email. He received a grant for more than the amount that we had already paid the school. So we got our money back plus some. Matt never accepted this grant, it was just given to us. How amazing is that?!

We were humbled by this outpouring of love from our Heavenly Father. I was reminded of a verse:

“Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds!” Luke 12:24

We are thankful to serve a God who loves us, and takes care of us. Even though we were filled with worry and doubt. God provided for us, as he always provides for his children. It an amazing love story. 

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