In the busy. I must find the quiet. In the chaos. I must find the peace.

Being a mom to a very active toddler my days are field with potty breaks, tantrums, snack time, art time, Mickey Mouse, nap time, and more Mickey Mouse. My child has an unhealthy relationship with Mickey Mouse.

But… I am more than a mom.

I am a wife. This is one my most important jobs. I need to be giving my husband love, showing him love in everything I do. Yes, that includes dishes and laundry.

Oh, that reminds me. I am housekeeper, taxi driver, errand getter, teacher, nurse (hopefully, literally. I took my boards yesterday.)

I do those things because I love my family. I want to provide them with an environment that is conducive to their learning. An environment that betters us all.

So in the busy, chaos of everyday I need to find time to get away. To listen to the one who sustains me. The one who gave me this life. The one who entrusted these people to my care. In Proverbs 31 The Lord says it is a wife’s job to look after her household.

This is not a command I take lightly. This is one of the more important commands I have been charged with.

So yes.

In the busy.

In the chaos.

I find the quiet.

I find the peace.

I am still.

I know that he is God.

By doing this I am filled. I am given the strength to carry on. No matter what the battles are for the day. I can rest knowing God is with me.

It is a hard lesson. I am still learning it daily. But I am learning it.

So in this moment I pause and look to God. Maybe not this exact moment because I am rocking a sleeping beauty as I type. And I’m pretty sure she peed. Yeah, my leg definitely feels warm. Now do I wake her or just let her sleep.

But even in this moment. I see God. I see him in the sweet cadence of rhythmic breathing by a sleeping toddler.

This is my peace.

This is my quiet.

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