The Great Facebook Purge of 2014

**Disclaimer, I stole this title from my mom…she should have blogged first. HAHA.

The Great Facebook Purge of 2014 was inspired by many things. I had been contemplating cleaning out my Facebook for awhile now. I was getting tired of the pages that I had liked when I was 16. Pages like “If you watched… you remember…”, yeah you know you remember when those were the “cool” pages to like.

Last week I started a book study of Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph. You can check out Courtney’s blog here and the book study link up is here.

This book has inspired me to become a better wife and mother. There have been times where I have felt broken as I see where I have failed my family. But at these broken times is where I find peace; knowing that God still loves me, my family still loves me. Funny thing is when talking to my husband where I see my faults he doesn’t even notice them. That is the crazy thing about love. It holds no record of wrong.

So back to the Great Purge. This book in challenging me to become a better wife and mom, challenged me to purge my Facebook. I realized that Facebook was so distracting to me. I constantly felt the need to know what was going on with everybody. This distraction took away valuable time from my family. I was not giving them my undivided attention. This distraction took me away from doing my household duties (and believe me my house look like it to).

So I purged.

I went from 500+ friends to 309. I only like 191 pages (most of these are local companies that I know, or mommy bloggers I follow, or homemaking blogs). I went through all my groups. I am now only part of 14 groups (and yes I am active in all of them). These groups range from support groups, bible studies, mommy groups, and church groups.

This was not easy decisions. I deleted friends that I know but were not good for me. Friends whose pages only caused drama and tempted me to gossip. I want to be able to share my life with people on Facebook and not have to worry about who sees the information I have made available. So my Facebook is now private. There is more restrictions on who I allow to post things.

Overall, this was something that I felt that God was prompting me to do. I feel decluttered. I feel released from the temptations.

Some of you may be wondering about that business I am fixing to start and how I can market to people. I will be creating a separate business page to filter traffic. I also will be creating a Facebook page for this blog as it starts to grow. How by having the extra pages will I be less tempted. Easy.

These extra pages will be for a purpose. Not everybody that I will have on these pages needs to know the inner workings of my life. That is not say I do not appreciate future customers and readers. It is just to say that if I create separate pages, we can really focus on those things.

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