Life and Lemons

I feel like life has been handing me a lot of lemons lately. I failed my NCLEX, my husband gave me devastating news (more on that later), me and my husband can’t get on the same page with homeschooling, I have to work so our family has money. Lemons. They are all lemons.

My heart is truly for homeschooling (this will be a separate stayed tuned). My heart is truly with staying at home with our daughter and whatever other kids The Lord blessed us with. I believe that biblically my place is at home. It is where I want to be. It is my heart’s desire to serve my family in this way. To be able to provide their meals, their schooling, to be available at a minutes notice for whatever may arise.

Here comes the lemon. I have to work to provide for my family, while my husband finishes school. I am not resentful of that. I just am sad and what I will miss out on these next few years.

I know that things will be better. I know that one day I will be able to stay at home. I know I have a good life.

I am just tired of making lemonade.

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