NCLEX Round 2

On Wednesday I woke up calm and collected. Just kidding. On Wednesday I woke up with a sense of uneasiness, a little butterflies for the most part I was calm. I sent my daughter on her way to preschool. Only to receive a phone call 20 minutes later saying it was water day at school […]

Spiders and bedtime

So tonight I was going to put Olivia in bed and tidy up the house before Matt got home from school. I have been studying for boards and the house took a direct hit because of it. Well after walking into Olivia’s room to get her dressed for bed. I see a huge spider. Okay, […]

Listen AND Obey

Three words. I am saying them a lot today. So much that they are starting to sound robotic and lose all meaning. These words were not on my agenda today. Today I was gonna grocery shop and do meal prep for the week. I was gonna catch up on laundry. I am happy to report […]