Listen AND Obey

Three words. I am saying them a lot today. So much that they are starting to sound robotic and lose all meaning. These words were not on my agenda today. Today I was gonna grocery shop and do meal prep for the week. I was gonna catch up on laundry. I am happy to report I have done a load of laundry and it isn’t even folded. seriously, when are they are going to event a machine that will fold your laundry for you?! Anyway, today I have spent my day teaching Olivia to listen and obey. Every 5 minutes it seems like I need to remind her to obey or not to yell at mommy.

One thing I have noticed is often we tell our kids to listen but we never mention obey. What good does listening do if they don’t obey. NOTHING. Sorry to break your bubbles.

I learned I can tell Olivia to listen all day long and she will listen. Why should she obey I didn’t tell her to obey. Yes, it was implied but she is 2. I don’t think she understands implied commands.

Hence the new catch phrase at our house. Listen and obey. I want her to listen to what I am saying, then obey. They way I explain obey is do what mommy and daddy asked you to do. Pretty simple explanation if you ask me.

So today. I am realizing it is okay not to get my to do list done. or anywhere close to done.. It is perfectly fine to teach my daughter the importance of not only listening but obeying.

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