Spiders and bedtime

So tonight I was going to put Olivia in bed and tidy up the house before Matt got home from school. I have been studying for boards and the house took a direct hit because of it. Well after walking into Olivia’s room to get her dressed for bed. I see a huge spider. Okay, normally when I say huge spider I am talking relatively small to normal people. But this spider would have been considered huge if for a normal person. Yes, I am deathly afraid of spiders. I won’t even kill them I am that terrified..

Well, this is not good. Now I have 3 options.

1. Put Olivia to bed with said spider above her while I stare and pray to God it doesn’t move.
2. Kill spider myself and put her to bed where there could be other spiders lurking.
3. Put her to bed in our room and pretend said spider is not there until Matt gets home.

My best option 3. However, the thought of said spider just lurking gives me the hebe jeebies. Seriously, how do you spell that?.

So not to impart fear in my child. I kill the huge spider. I will have to throw away those flip flops now. And put Olivia to bed in our room where no spiders are lurking that I know of. I am fully aware they could be hiding. But let’s just pretend they are all dead.

So because of the huge spider. I got to cuddle with my baby girl tonight as she fell asleep. She would look over at me and give me her cheesy grin. So thank spider for the cheesy grin bedtime tonight.

Seriously, spiders are evil. Let’s not forget that.


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