NCLEX Round 2

On Wednesday I woke up calm and collected. Just kidding. On Wednesday I woke up with a sense of uneasiness, a little butterflies for the most part I was calm. I sent my daughter on her way to preschool. Only to receive a phone call 20 minutes later saying it was water day at school and I forgot her clothes. Great. Don’t they know I am taking the NCLEX today. I don’t have time for this. Luckily, I found my testing confirmation sheet which told me I tested at 2 instead of 1. Okay, so maybe that extra hour will be good. I can take O her clothes, and just have a little extra time. My dad was driving me so I didn’t have to worry about anything. Like getting stuck on the side of the road, getting lost. I could just sit and study for the 3 hour trip to the testing center. We stopped at lunch, got to the testing center 1.5 hours early. 

I go in. Stand in the lobby for about 30 minutes, after I already sat in the car for 30 minutes. Now the nerves are starting to hit me. I say a prayer and decided to go up to the floor. The testing lady takes my phone, puts in the super sealed envelope. No touching it before I leave or they will not count my test. I empty my pockets, go through a security check, that is probably better than most airports. Finally, I enter the room….

3.5 hours later. 265 questions later (yes, that is the max you are allowed to take). I walk out…

I am catatonic. 

Fast Forward to Friday. After working on Thursday and knowing I had to work again on Friday. I woke up thinking “This is it, either I failed or I passed”.  It’s 5:30 am. I check the registry. No license. Slight panic. I realize that they don’t even start updating the site until it 6 am. I just couldn’t resist. So I lay in bed until 6 am refreshing the page literally every 30 seconds. Finally at 5:58 my license pops up! Relief. Took everything I had not to wake up my hubby with excitement. Although I did shine my phone bright light in his face to show him when he woke up at 6:30. Sorry Honey!! So I jumped up got ready quickly, I was running late and went to work. 

I defeated in the NCLEX with a total of between two test ($600): 6 hours of testing and 448 questions. 

I DID IT!  It may not have been easy but I did it! 

I could not have done with out the support of my family, and friends. All of who kept encouraging me and prayed for me during my test.



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