“3 steps”

As a mom, wife, homemaker and nurse I try to stay 3 steps ahead of everything. Just yesterday my husband even mentioned that. So when I told him that we were essentially broke, it literally came as a shock. How could I have let this happen. Wasn’t it just last week that I called in my last 3 days of an old job to stay at home and be a family before my new job kicked in. Why would I do that if I knew we would be broke. Well, easy. I didn’t know. We were fine at that point. The bills would be paid, the groceries could be bought. Everything was okay.


The dog cut his paw. Seriously. He needed stitches. Oh, and he is 7 months old and still needed all his puppy shots. So off to the vet we went. Long story short. We dropped a pretty penny on a vet bill that I didn’t see coming.

I didn’t plan for this. I couldn’t plan for this. I wasn’t 3 steps ahead like I was supposed to be. Which led to what every couple argues over. Money. Life happens even when we don’t plan it. We spent our tiny cushion on a dog that our daughter adores.

That’s okay though. Because even though I didn’t see this coming. God did. He knew. He knew that this would be a rough season for us. He knew that it would lead to an argument. Funny thing is even though we disagreed I could still see God moving in us.

Yes, our fight got heated. Did we both take some below the belt blows. Absolutely. Yet, God was there working in our hearts. I know he was.

You see, my husband who never apologizes (or at least it seems that way) came up to me this morning while I was making a wonderful breakfast (that I usually never make) and apologized for everything that happened yesterday.

God was moving. He was stirring our hearts toward him and towards each other. He still is. He is constantly working in us. And maybe just maybe he is putting this tough season in our life, so that we will learn to lean on him completely. God knows we need him, and sometimes we forget. Thankfully, God is God who believes in Grace who is a picture of Grace. He gives us grace when we need it most, and deserve it least. I am thankful that God extends us grace and cares for and loves us enough to remind us of just how much we need him. Even though its a hard lesson.

In the meantime our puppy is also learning. He learned that if he cuts his paw by tearing apart the yard, we will take him to the vet and he will have to wear a cone.


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