Bedtime Musings

Tonight, as I sit here rocking my 4 year old to sleep several things occur to me. 

First, the house is so peaceful when it’s dark and quiet and the world is asleep. 

Second, in 10 days the quiet will be over. 

Third, in at most 10 days my baby girl will no longer be my baby. My only child. 

Soon another tiny human will occupy this home with us. She will bring with her lots of sleepless nights, trials and blessings. She will show us that there is never a shortage of love. But I still worry. As I sit here and rock my first and only child of 4 years. I can’t help but wonder how I will ever love enough child this much. Everybody says love multiplies and I know it will but I still worry. 

I am excited to bring another life into our family. I am sad that Olivia is growing up. 

Tonight, tonight- I will enjoy the quiet. I will rock my baby girl because I know this moments are fleeting. 

Tonight, I will enjoy the moment. 

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