The death of my 4 year old’s soul a.k.a the bouncy ball. 

The soul crushing wails of my child could be heard throughout the neighborhood as her little 4 year old heart broke into tiny little pieces shattered by none other than me. Her mom. Her protector
A simple task was all that was required. Carry her cup AND bouncy ball inside. What?! Two things call me crazy. You know because I was carrying infant carrier, diaper bag, keys, and our lunch inside. But you know I totally had room for that bouncy ball. Instead she chose to yell at a mommy. Due to her recent habit of yelling at me for everything it’s an automatic spanking (judge if you will). So the Spanking resulting in her dropping the bouncy ball because she was trying to run away. To which I said pick it up or I will throw it away. And she did. 

Picked it up. Screamed. And threw it across the yard. 

I calmly or not so calmly walked to it. Picked it up. Where it found its way in the dumpster. 

I’m sure there was a good lesson in there somewhere about needing Jesus to listen to our mommies. I’m sure Jesus would have had a little more grace

But the reality is. There was a lot of satisfaction in the death of the ALL FAVORITE PURPLE BOUNCY BALL. 

The bigger lesson. Momma needs grace and Jesus just as much if not more than my 4 year old.

*Note: I did not go back for the bouncy ball. It remained in the trash and is now living out its life in a land fill.*

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