Mom. I see you. 

To the mom who wants to give up. I see you. 

To the mom who feels like a failure. I see you. 

To the mom who doesn’t have it all together. I see you. 

To the mom who thinks the unimaginable. I see you. 

I see you. I see the sadness in your eyes. I see the envy of others you try to hide. I see the despair behind the smile. I see your struggle. I see you

Motherhood is hard. It’s challenging in more ways than anybody can count. It’s giving of yourself more than you thought possible. 

It’s pouring yourself out when you have nothing left to pour. 

The other day I was rocking a screaming 10 week old to sleep, while my four year old screamed in the other room. Then I saw the wall.

 I paused. 

I thought of all the babies that had been silenced because they had hit a wall. Thrown against it just to quiet them. I thought it because I saw how that mom must have felt. 

She was probably a mom like me. She was probably sleep deprived. She was probably doing the best she could.  Maybe she didn’t have the support I do. Maybe she didn’t have the strength to just hold her baby a little tighter. 

That’s what I did. For that millisecond that I could imagine why someone would hurt their baby my heart broke. 


I held mine a little closer. I cuddled my baby and preschooler and thanked God that he was enough. 

For me. I’m not depressed. I’m not crazy. I’m just a mom who had found her wits end. 

If we were all a little more honest. I would say most of us get it. We have been there.  We know those moments of doubt. We hide them and try to forget they ever existed. 

Those moments where you just need 10 seconds to your self. 10 seconds to help keep your cool. 10 seconds to just breathe

Dear mom. Don’t think your alone. 

Dear Mom. I see you. 

Everyday, I thank God that he sent his son who was perfect in my place. I thank God that he is the perfect parent in my place. I thank God that he gives me the strength to be a good parent to my girls. For anything I do right for them it is all because of his perfect love.

 I thank God for his grace and pray that I would continue to give grace to my children. 

Grace lives here. 

**Disclaimer: This is not saying that some moms/people do not need medical help. Some moms/people do. Please if you have thoughts of hurting yourself, your child or others please call for help.**


  1. Keep writing. There is wisdom and honesty in your words ❤

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