Dear Laryngomalacia 

Dear Laryngomalacia,

You came like a thief in the night. You snuck up on our family slow and gradual, like maybe you wouldn’t be caught. It was a few pounds lost here, a few there.  A cold that wouldn’t go away, the cough that never stopped. The sunken eyes. The choking.  Until 6 months later my supposedly healthy baby looked like she was fighting for her life. Little did we know she was. 

We were told she just had a bad cold, that’s why she sounded so horrible. She would get better. She didn’t. You were there. Lurking. You had always been there. Hiding. Waiting. Like a thief in the night. 

You tried to steal away our baby. You made me think of things I never thought I would. You made me stronger.

Stronger as I watched my baby struggle to breathe. Every. Day. Watch as my baby constantly coughed. Every. Day.  Watch as my baby choked while eating.  Every. Day. Stronger as I endured pointed stares. 

You made me learn how to stand up for myself, my child and to fight for what I believed was best. You made me learn to question doctors. To wonder the long-term effects of some of the medicines we had to give my baby. –Some of which we are still battling- 

Laryngomalacia, you came like a thief to rob us of the joy that is our child. But you failed. You gave us strength. You gave us hope. You gave us joy through the little victories. You gave us more love than I ever thought possible. 

Laryngomalacia, you came like a thief in the night. You came to destroy but in the end it was you, who was destroyed. 

LM supermom Mallorye and pint sized power house LM survivor Olivia. 


  1. This is absolutely spot on! My first son had it and we didn’t know what to do and on one would listen to us to begin with just kept telling us it was because he was a winter baby, to then having to phone ambulances in the nights as he would stop breathing and monthly scopes. The Dr’s soon started taking us seriously. Thankfully he is outgrowing it, he’s now nearly 3 and although he still has a stridor at times he is thriving and it doesn’t stop him. Unfortunately I also have a 6 week old and have already got an appointment for peads as I am seeing all the signs already, putting my foot down this time and going to make sure they take me and the condition seriously from the start. We have got to be strong and fight for our little ones. So glad to hear that you are winning the battle. Love from a mum who understands x

    • Oh no! Hoping your baby doesn’t have to struggle as much. I totally understand with my 3 month old I’m always double checking with the doctors about my concerns. Lucky we have a wonderful pediatrician who understands my paranoia!

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