America. Your not great. 

 America. Your not great. Yes, we have many things that we take for granted and should be thankful for but America: 

WE are not great. 

America, we have raised a generation of kids now adults who feel entitled to whatever they want. Who feel as if when they don’t get their way then it’s okay to be disrespectful. Who feel it’s okay to have riots in the street. Who feel it’s okay to disrespect another persons opinions just for being different from their own. 

My news feed is full of intolerance and hate ironically it’s by people who are condoning intolerance and hate

America, when did this become okay? When did this become our norm? When did we become a nation divided?  

I could sit here and tell you about my politics what I think, what I believe. All that would cost is me is friends; because we now live in a time where friends means “friends as long as you think, believe and act the way I do”. 

Most of my friends I can tell you by their social media post do not think the same way I do. But.

 I still love them. Still value their opinion and beliefs

When did this practice become obsolete

To my generation. The generation rising up. Raising the next generation. I challenge you. 

Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Get up make a change. Stop spreading intolerance and hate in the name of stopping it. 

Whatever your political views it is time to make America great. 

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