The desserts can be found on the washer and dryer

Generations. They tell a story. A story that has been passed down changing slightly with time but still ringing with the truth of the past.

July 2, 1992. I was born. The first in my generation on my mom’s side. The fifth living generation.

I have been blessed. In my life I have known: 1 great great grandmother; 5 great grandparents (one of whom is still alive); 7 grandparents (five are still alive).

They say it takes a village and I have one of the largest around.

Each of my grandparents have taught me something or several things. Through the way they lived, the stories they told and the advice they gave. Each of them slightly changing from the generation that came before them.

My great great grandma Horn was a sweet soft spoken lady. I remember the Christmas tree always being nailed to the floor. Watermelons growing outside the house and the best climbing tree around in the backyard. Family get togethers were loud but there was love all around and the desserts could be found on the washer and dryer.

My great grandma Pat was stubborn and often times harsh lady. She spoke her mind, she wasn’t afraid to hurt your feelings but she loved with all she had, giving her all to her family. She taught us to look our best and do our best, to take care of what we got even if we don’t have much. Family get togethers were still loud, love was still all around and the desserts could still be found on the washer and dryer.

My grandmother is a hard working lady. When life has thrown her lemons she makes lemonade and it’s pretty darn good lemonade. She doesn’t let adversity hold her back. She doesn’t back down from a fight and she loves with all she has. Family get togethers are still loud, love is still everywhere and the desserts can be found on the washer and dryer.

My mom is strong lady. I see all 3 of the previous generations in her. She can be soft spoken one minute and the next harsh. She stands her ground. She has faced hard times and come out with even better times. Family get togethers are still loud, love is still everywhere and desserts can be found on the washer and dryer.

These ladies all have different personalities yet the despite the differences the same stories were told just through different lenses.

They all instilled a since of pride in me. I should take pride in the work I do and the appearance I keep and the possessions I own.

I should always look my best and make sure my family looks their best. They sure did.

Most importantly to remember that family is everything. To love them no matter what and to love them well.

I’m still learning most of these things.

The generations before me have left a legacy for the rest of us to follow. To learn from them and do better, do more. To add our own personalities to the stories.

I like to think I carry a little bit of all of them where ever I go. Their stubbornness, gentleness, bluntness, will power. The fact that for some reason desserts still go on the washer and dryer.

I hope to teach my girls the same and continue the legacy.

So this weekend I put on my best black dress. Wore the perfect shoes even though my feet hated it. I fixed my hair and makeup and put on jewelry. All to remember a life well lived and the legacy left behind.

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