When life doesn’t go as planned…

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.

It’s a fact.

In fact in my life rarely do things go as planned.

Maybe it’s because we have this vision in our minds of what our life ‘should’ look like. If your like me that vision looks like my Pinterest board, or someone else’s highlight reel.

But why, when we say “it didn’t go as planned” do we see that as a negative. Like we have failed. That our perfect Yes charade has been dropped. That we have proven we are humans.

Humans who don’t always have it together.

Guess what?

It’s okay.

Let that sink in.

It’s okay.

It’s okay for it not to go as planned.

In fact when things don’t go as planned it can be a beautiful place.

A place we wouldn’t have normally found ourselves.

Today, life didn’t go as planned. I planned a day of spring cleaning -fall cleaning- is that a thing?

Instead I spent the day with family I normally don’t see. We sat around a table and enjoyed each other’s presence. You know what. It was beautiful -even if my play doh sculptures lacked finesse.

Afterwards, I went home and enjoyed my kids. Sort of. I probably could have enjoyed them more if there was a little less arguing.

Then it came another unexpected invite. To a storage building. Just to pick up some books. I said yes, and in the yes there is beauty.

Looking around that storage shed filled with memories of the past, and dreams of a future.

A past where I spent countless hours around my grandma’s dinner table. Where in the last few years of her life and my grandpa’s they told me stories of their younger years. A table where you could find me everyday after school talking about my day. A table that has heard all my joys, all my sorrows and all my secrets.

You see.

In the unplanned I found a beautiful thing.

I found peace.

I found memories.

I made peace.

I made memories.

Yes, my house still needs a good spring cleaning. I could stress myself out about the dust bunnies collecting under the couch. The laundry that sits clean but unfolded. You see that’s the negative. And what is it? But mundane tasks that will always be there and never be finished.


I see a day well lived. A day I will look back on a cherish.

So today life didn’t go as planned and it was a beautiful day.

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