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This is me. Mallorye. Yep, I know my name is spelled differently. Thank you for noticing 🙂 I am 27 years old. I have a RN BSN degree. Let me tell ya, nursing school is rough, thank goodness that is over. I am on a journey to discover myself, and the Real Jesus. I am currently trying to get my family into a healthier life style so yes that includes eating clean, natural remedies..etc. I would love to homestead. I am a SAHM who works 4 nights a month at the local hospital.  I am avid epilepsy advocate. I love Jesus, my family and friends. 

Matt. My lovely husband. Seriously, I love this guy.  He puts up with all my quirks and mood swings. He is loves to go and do and be with people. He plays 53526 instruments it seems like. He overthinks where I don’t, he slows down where I go fast. He is the perfect other half of me. Most of all he loves Jesus and loves us. What more could I ask for? 

Olivia. She is well adorable. What can I say?! I am a little biased. Okay maybe, a lot biased. Anyways, she is seven. She is independent, funny, tender-hearted. She loves to laugh, she has the most infectious laugh and smile. She loves to give out cuddles, and play outside. She has the most blue eyes I have ever seen. They might just melt your heart. Yes, I prayed when I was pregnant that I would have blue eyed baby.  Olivia also has medical issues with a diagnosis of  laryngomalacia, pulmonary valve stenosis, sensory processing disorder and our current struggle epilepsy. With that said this little girl is brave and strong.  She has new found love of anything art related. She is my momma hen always helping with her sisters. She doesn’t let epilepsy define her, she does her own stuff, her own way and doesn’t let seizures stop her. 

Sophia. Is a little spitfire. She is two and terrific. She is mischievous, a trouble maker, curious about everything. She climbs anything and everything. She goes 0-90 from the time her eyes open to the time she closes them at night, literally hopping to bed the entire time. Her laugh is infectious and despite her go getter, independent, spitfire attitude. She loves fully and fiercely and slows down long enough for some cuddles before doing her next crazy idea. 

Scarlett our newest addition at a whopping 9 months old. Oh my, I didn’t know what I was missing until I met her. I can say our family definitely feels complete now.   She brings a smile to everyone, I have never met a happier baby. I cannot wait to see how her personality blooms. 


  1. i just adore your blog, and its title! “grace” is a quality that i aspire to live and walk in on a daily basis (and the fake name i use at starbucks to remind myself). your blog is so positive, joyous, and uplifting. and i’m grateful for your sharings! i’ve also nominated you for the liebster award 🙂

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