Bedtime Musings

Tonight, as I sit here rocking my 4 year old to sleep several things occur to me.  First, the house is so peaceful when it’s dark and quiet and the world is asleep.  Second, in 10 days the quiet will be over.  Third, in at most 10 days my baby girl will no longer be […]

The Ugly Truth of a Child with Sensory Deficits

You have a child that looks healthy as can be, and for the most part they are. At least in our case they are. Olivia has outgrown most of her major medical hurdles. She has survived Laryngomalacia, battled dysphagia, lives with pulmonary valve stenosis. She has conquered speech, food, physical, developmental and occupational therapy! The […]

Why I chose to give up half our income

So since, my hiatus from blogging, several topics have came and gone that I could write about. However, as we are 11 weeks away from starting a new family adventure. I will start with this one. Currently, I’m sitting at home because the roads were too icy for me to get out and go to […]

Surgery 3.0

*I have a private blog, where I blog to Olivia, so that one day she can open it and read it. This is a blog post, I wrote to her. It was too good for me to revise to make another version for everyone else. So enjoy.  Dear Olivia, You just had your third surgery. […]

& Life Goes On

Life without a three year old would be quite boring. I’m about 99.999% sure of that. The other 0.001% goes to thinking how stress free my life would be. One day this last week, I was picking up O from school (that’s what we call daycare), I walked into the office not really paying attention […]

Dear Stay at home Mom

So a few weeks back I saw a blog about working moms who use stay at home moms as their back up plan for a babysitter. While I don’t doubt that some people may do that, unintentionally or intentionally. I wanted to shed a little light from the other side. Dear stay at home Mom, […]

“3 steps”

As a mom, wife, homemaker and nurse I try to stay 3 steps ahead of everything. Just yesterday my husband even mentioned that. So when I told him that we were essentially broke, it literally came as a shock. How could I have let this happen. Wasn’t it just last week that I called in […]

The scary child…

“When she first started coming here, I was worried” Words every mom wants to here when dropping their kid off at school, right? After a late morning start filled with whinning, and “I want candy, mom” –Seriously, I am about to throw away all the candy, if I have to hear about how all she […]

What women talk about

I recently went to a women conference Let me tell you. Women talk about babies and kids and being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong. I love to talk about these things too. It must be in our genes. However, this time I had a different perspective. DISCLAIMER: This is gonna get personal This time I […]

Why I love you third

Dear Olivia and all future kids, I want you to know why I love you third. Not less, not more. Just third. First and foremost, I want to make this abundantly clear. I love you with my whole heart, I would take a bullet for you. I can’t even imagine my life without you. The […]