Terrible or Terrific Twos?

**Disclaimer. I am very behind on my blogging challenge, I will catch up in the mean time enjoy this story 🙂     Are the terrible twos really that terrible? No. Are they really that terrific? No. In my humble and honest opinion the two year old stage is probably my favorite by far. WHAT?! I can […]

You don’t have to change

Everybody says being a mom changes you. Well I have to disagree. I am a mom. I am still Mallorye Wesley, I am still a daughter of the king, a christ follower. I am still a wife. I am still a daughter. A sister. I am still a student. I am still a housekeeper. Being […]

That is what it is all about

Bedtime. It can be a stressful time in our house. At 2 years old we are still just trying to get in a rhythm that works with Olivia and our chaotic lives. We try. We do our best to keep it the same: cleanup, bath time, brush hair/teeth, pjs, story, prayers, sleep. Sometimes we skip […]